About Us

Etiometrix™, LLC provides businesses with customized data, reports and consulting services that facilitate better marketing, business development and human resource decisions.

Based on its proprietary methodology, History of Client Origin (HCO), Etiometrix gives such businesses information on their ROI generated:

  • Through specific marketing and business development activities, including that revenue generated through multi-channel means
  • At the organizational, departmental and individual levels
  • Via cross-promotion, internal referrals and non-revenue generating activities
  • From individual staff members by type of initiative (including interpersonal)
  • Through Word-of-Mouth

With Etiometrix Marketing Diagnostic Services, businesses can compare the results of online and offline marketing to networking and interpersonal initiatives, using the only normalized metric that matters… dollars. Etiometrix clients know from whom and where their business is coming and what works best to achieve both short and long term revenue objectives.

The Etiometrix management team is uniquely qualified to take on the challenge of introducing this exciting new methodology to service businesses, as every member has been involved at some point in the management of their own service business. Blending the worlds of marketing, business development, information technologies and sales, they bring several decades of both entrepreneurial and management experience to the company… and to their clients.